Subject: RE: WebM license third-party submission
From: Russ Nelson <>
Date: Wed, 26 May 2010 17:27:32 -0400

Lawrence Rosen writes:
 > Chris DiBona wrote:
 > > Please hold off on submitting this while we determine certain
 > compatibility
 > > issues internally at google. We'll engage with osi in a couple of weeks, 
 > > likely as not.  I would also point out that we're uncomfortable with make 
 > > license proliferation worse and in the event we do submit it, we will 
 > > want a couple of changes to how OSI does licenses.
 > ...
 > > This might sound strident, but I think that OSI needs to be more open
 > > about its workings to retain credibility in the space.
 > To make sure that this isn't perceived as a Google problem alone, I want to
 > express total agreement with Chris on these points.

I agree with Chris and Larry -- Google *does* need to be more open
about its workings.  Oh, it's different for Google?  Google is a
profit-making entity?  All the more reason!  Same thing for Larry's
meetings with his clients.  Web streaming, we want web streaming.

The principle I've followed is that we should be judged by our
results, not our process (which *is* mostly open; you're seeing it
right now).  You're proposing solutions to a problem you haven't fully
described.  An exact solution to a vague problem is still a vague

We're not always what we want to be, which is a function of being a
100% volunteer organization.  We tried having a paid executive
director, but that didn't work out so well.

I'm running a BOF on writing a definition of "Open Data" at OSCON.
I'd like to see you, and any other interested parties show up and
participate in our open process.  The door is open, but if you don't
walk through and show up, it doesn't matter how open it is.  Being on
the board is the ultimate in control, but if you resign from the
board, it's hard for me to take clarion calls for greater openness

Obama's administration is supposedly more open, but we're still
fighting a war in two countries, we still have no habeas corpus for
prisoners in Guantanamo, we have a health care bill that wasn't
furiously opposed by the people it supposedly regulated.

I'm *seriously* dubious of the value of openness (as is Google, and as
is Larry when it comes to his own business).

Nothing in this email should be taken as a criticism of particular
companies or individuals. All companies' board meetings are as closed
as Google's, and all lawyers meet in secret with their clients.

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