Subject: Re: WebM license third-party submission
From: Josh Berkus <>
Date: Wed, 26 May 2010 15:19:13 -0700

Hey, Everyone:

>> With all due respect, Chris, Google is so arrogant in refusing to discuss
>> its processes with anyone that  this request isn't terribly credible.
>> Remember when I was thrown off of Adsense, and Google wouldn't tell me why,
>> and you had to intervene? Lots of us would be happy to join Google's
>> advisory board when you have one you're willing to listen to.

Can I just say this is *completely* irrelevant to a license discussion?

1) Google has a license.

2) Google plans on submitting the license but isn't ready to do so yet,
but will soon.

3) We do not need to talk about the license right now; we can wait until
Google submits it or until we think there has been an unreasonable delay.

4) Ad hominem attacks on the openness of various companies, nonprofits,
individuals, and governments are completely irrelevant to this process,
and are more likely to cause reviewers to leave this list.

5) You do not talk about Fight Club. ;-)

--Josh Berkus