Subject: Re: Re: ?sthetic Permissive License - For Approval
From: Russ Nelson <>
Date: Sat, 29 Dec 2007 19:32:10 -0500

Sean B. Palmer writes:
 > Perhaps he, or someone qualified, can clarify how his suggested
 > solution meets my requirements, or how my requirements are invalid or
 > can be satisfied in other ways? That's all I'm seeking!

Your requirements are invalid.  If you want the law to cooperate with
you, you need to cooperate with it.  That means creating a license
which is sufficiently unambiguous.  You can't do that in the number of
lines you have arbitrarily restricted yourself to.

What I suggest you do is include this statement with your code:

Copyright 2007 Sean B. Palmer.  License may be found here: or if not found there, the code is
in the public domain.

If as you say, you want credit, you'll get it by people reading the
license.  And yet, if you lose interest, people still have permission
to redistribute the code.

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