Subject: Re: OSI-approved license that assigns contributor copyright to me
From: David Barrett <>
Date: Sun, 10 Jul 2005 12:26:05 -0700

Alex Bligh wrote:
>> As I read the OVPL it doesn't require copyright assignment, which David
>> asked about, but rather provides for a sufficiently generous
>> license-back such that it might still meet David's needs.
> Yes. It does not go to quite the extremes David asked for. I wasn't
> taking him entirely literally as if "all rights" were assigned to the
> ID that would prevent the modifier using their own modification!

Actually, I would like to go to that extreme, but I disagree it would 
prevent people from using / modifying / redistributing their own 
modifications.  Indeed, if you have the right to modify version A -- to 
which I own the entire copyright -- and you modify it to version B while 
assigning me the copyright, you are merely returned to the original 
state A.  In other words, your ability to use, modify, and redistribute 
the work is identical before and after you make any modifications.