Subject: Re: For Approval: Open Source Hardware License
From: Rick Moen <>
Date: Fri, 6 Jul 2007 23:11:51 -0700

Quoting Allison Randal (

> So, people should first release a whole bunch of software/hardware under 
> the new license, and then go ask the people with experience if their 
> license is sane and likely to be accepted?

Yesterday, in response to your earlier message, I replied:

   I can't help noticing that OSI _certifying_ only software licences
   wouldn't equate to it somehow hoarding its experience. 

The comment still seems relevant.  ;->  But I might have been too
cryptic.  (If so, sorry.)

To rephrase in the form of a question:  Why are you assuming that the
only plausible means of garnering comment on a hardware licence's sanity
and acceptance prospects is to submit it to OSI's software-licence
certification process, especially when good alternatives beckon?  E.g.,
one could post, "Hey, gang, please have a look at this hardware licence
[citation], and let me know if you think it's sane and likely to be