Subject: Re: support requirement
Date: 30 Aug 1999 20:26:25 -0000

It's true, though - not just a threat. If you don't go Open Source, someone
else will do it for you, and there are lots of examples. While I'd not explain
this to someone in terms of a threat, it is a _fact_ they must confront.



From: Dj <>
> That reads more like carefully couched GPL blackmail.
> "Release under GPL or we'll copy your product make it GPL ourselves".
> That's real scary... especially after the previous discussion of
> selling the idea of open source code to corporate types. The threat
> of duplication here is emphasised for not opening up enough, and
> that's not going to encourage them to open up at all.
> What are the ethics of duplicating the functionality of an application?
> Oh, and there's an assumption that Vendor X's application will be
> sufficently compelling as to take up a position of standardness in
> it's niche yet there's no assurance of that.
> I suspect to sell the open sourcing idea within Vendor X, someone's
> going to need a bit more than a faith that the product will be picked up
> by the community.