Subject: Re: License Proliferation
From: Alex Bligh <>
Date: Fri, 02 Sep 2005 09:18:24 +0100

--On 01 September 2005 23:19 -0400 Russell Nelson <> wrote:

>  >
> .... and if wishes were fishes everyone would eat.
> So are you suggesting that OSI be *even more* proactive about license
> quality?  I've tried to implement your suggestion #1 and gotten
> hammered for it.  The very most basic question (which you don't ask)
> is this:
>   Does OSI certify all licenses that comply with the OSD?
> or
>   Does OSI certify all good licenses that comply with the OSD?

I think (hope) Larry is trying to say that the OSI license proliferation
discussion should focus on what's in his paper. What's in his paper is
eminently sensible.

It does and should not affect what licenses are approved IMHO, and
certainly should not do so until consensus is achieved on the proliferation