Subject: Re: AGPLv1 vs. AGPLv3
From: Michael Poole <>
Date: Wed, 21 Apr 2010 07:55:09 -0400

opensource.* writes:

> AGPLv1 states modified versions must keep a "download source" link only if 
> the original version actually had such a link. That line is gone from 
> AGPLv3, which just casually states modified versions must supply their 
> source.
> So let's assume the original version really lacks such a link. Does it mean 
> AGPLv3 users can't use the original version as-is? That is, until they 
> create a whole sub-program that supports a "download source" link?

You've neglected to describe the hypothetical mechanism by which the
AGPLv1-or-any-later-version work is treated under AGPLv3 terms, so it is
hard to address your question specifically.

By my reading, section 13 of AGPLv3 only triggers when a person modifies
the Program, and also makes it possible to simply include a link or
other reference to an FTP or HTTP server with the Corresponding Source.
If one is modifying the program in the first place, adding a pointer to
source code does not seem like a burden worth worrying about.

Michael Poole