Subject: Re: Which DUAL Licence should I choose.
From: John Cowan <>
Date: Thu, 4 Aug 2011 17:16:08 -0400

David Woolley scripsit:
>> What would *you think* that a fair amount of source code lines for FREE 
>> Usage is?
>> 5.000 Lines of PL/I or COBOL Code?
>> 10.000 Lines?
>> *or what* do you think there in the UK & USA?
> The UK doesn't have "fair usage" provisions, and I live in the UK.

He means, "How much should *I* allow as fair usage before demanding
money?"  which is a very different question.

In fact, "fair dealing" is recognized under the Copyright, Designs,
and Patents Act 1988, and provides a safe harbor for copying done for
specified non-commercial purposes.  A U.S. court must take not only
purpose into account, but the effect of the copying on the commercial
value of the original, the nature of the work being copied, the amount
and substantiality of the portion copied, and (by judicial construction)
whether the copied work is a parody of the original.

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