Subject: Re: A prototype License Wizard up and running
From: Brendan Scott <>
Date: Sat, 09 Apr 2005 08:18:37 +1000


I'm new to the list.  I'm a lawyer based in Sydney Australia.  Justin Clift pointed
me to this discussion. 

I think you need to determine what you want to achieve from a wizard.  Depending on
how it is implemented, a wizard could have the effect of either consolidating licence
usage (by directing people to, or only dealing with 3-5 annointed licences), or diffusing
it (by attempting to give equal airplay to each of them). 

I think each of these involves a bit of second guessing what the licensor wants to achieve,
the second option especially so. 

I think the CC wizards are a little easier conceptually because they have structured
and unified their licences around a couple of simple concepts.  This is not true of
open source licences.