Subject: Re: Bruce Perens rejected from license-proliferation committee.
From: "Bruno F. Souza" <>
Date: Tue, 23 Aug 2005 01:16:41 -0300

Pablo Barrera Franco wrote:
> I feel very very embarrased. As we say in LA " Estamos hasta las muelas 
> de verguenza".


There's nothing to be ashamed off. This is simply part of the process: 
once we defined that a committee is a small set of people, that can 
commit and take responsibility, it was bound to happen that many people 
would not be part of it, and some of those would not like it.

This is not to say that the other opinions are not important, on the 
contrary. We had a problem to solve, and we had to bring together a team 
of interested people, that had the necessary experience with creating 
licenses and that could also influence a major move towards 
harmonization of licenses. This is the group that will promote and frame 
the discussion, will gather feedback and most important, will commit to 
create and deliver a report to the board, based on the discussions and 
feedback received.

It is hard to select a small group among so many good people in the 
industry. We may argue forever on the different ways we could have used 
to arrive at such a group. The OSI Board picked one way of doing it. Had 
we done it in a different way -- whatever way -- others would be 
unhappy. Even voting or democracy would not necessarily be the best way 
to join such team of experts together, and voting would not please all 
anyway and would have it's own set of problems. So, we picked the one 
way we think will bring best results to the community.

Being transparent is also sticking to the rules. You may not like the 
rules, and we accept that not everyone will, but by making exceptions, 
or bending the rules, to accommodate sspecial people, we would be in 
fact telling everyone else that they are just not special enough.

But, in order to gather feedback from all that want to provide, there's 
a mailing list, that you can contribute to as much as you want. 
Discussions are done there, in the clear. Final results and intermediary 
conclusions will also be available to all to comment. Remember, the 
committee is a tool to help the board, and it will not take any final 
decision by itself. If you think you have information the committee is 
not addressing, or that the chosen committee is not doing a good work, 
you are more then welcome to bring that forward to the board,  we can 
act on it.

So, come to the discussion. At least come observe, to make sure the 
committee is doing it right. Express your opinion along the way. If you 
really think the committee is not a good one, submit to us your own 
research or report. The board needs a study to base it's decision, and 
we will consider all proposed studies or researches before taking a 
decision. We just had to pick at least one group to do it, and we did 
pick one, in my opinion, a very good one!

Thank you.


> Best regards
> Pablo Barrera Franco
> Iniciativa Open Source LA (Nodo Argentina)

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