Subject: [Off-topic] open-source-debate (was Re: Dual licensing)
From: Evan Prodromou <>
Date: Tue, 15 Jun 2004 00:14:43 -0400

>>>>> "RM" == Rick Moen <> writes:

    RM> Now, people here are generally (if somewhat vaguely)
    RM> sympathetic to your desire to find a business model that works
    RM> for you, because we're generally pleasant and agreeable
    RM> people.  But sooner or later we'll tend to come back to an
    RM> inconvenient fact -- that this ultimately is just not the
    RM> "Improve Glen Low's Business" mailing list.

    RM> However,, if you want to start such a list, I can recommend
    RM> some good open-source software to run it on.  ;->

So, this whole thread has been really interesting, but really, really

I started looking around for a list for discussing the pros and cons
of Open Source, and I found that there really wasn't one. Seeing an
opportunity, I started a new list with the great

It's called open-source-debate, and the list charter is to foster
debate about the underlying precepts of Open Source or Free Software.

The subscription Web page is here:

You can also subscribe by sending mail to with 'subscribe' in the
Subject field.


* Freelists is a great service, by the
  way. They host discussions about Open Source software and Open
  Content free of charge, and they use Open Source software to do it.

Evan Prodromou <>
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