Subject: Re: Can OSI specify that public domain is open source?
From: Karl Fogel <>
Date: Wed, 07 Sep 2011 16:34:29 -0400

 Wed, 07 Sep 2011 16:34:29 -0400
Thomas Schneider <> writes:
>We have to come up with a (maybe new) Licensing Model ;-)
>I do (personally) call it a *FAIR SHARE* model:
>When you (using MY soft) do SELL MY Software, I would like to get
>50% of your SALES PRICE  (you, as selling it, get the other 50 %).
>I'm ready to OPEN THE SOURCE ...
>What do you say.... ??

ACK.  Please.  Stop this new thread.  It has nothing to do with this
list or this organization.  It's not about open source.  It is some
other kind of software, and it is off-topic here.

I know that sounds harsh, but this has been worked out here already, and
the mailing list administrators do not wish to revisit the issue.


>Thomas Schneider.
>PS: Of course, *contributor's*, makin my software even better, will also
>*GET a fair share* for their contribution ...
>Am 07.09.2011 22:15, schrieb Thorsten Glaser:
>> Tom Callaway dixit:
>>> If we must add a FAQ
>>> item, then I propose something like:
>>>   Works of the United States Government for which copyright is
>>>   unavailable under 17 U.S.C. 105. are considered to be in the Public
>> This is very USA specific, though. Are you willing to put similar
>> paragraphs up for a few dozen other countries? ☺
>> Maybe it’s just simpler to state that something like Public Domain
>> is a concept limited to a single country, or a set of countries,
>> and therefore not OSD compliant. (Plus the CC0 link, which is good.)
>> bye,
>> //mirabilos