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Date: 27 Aug 1999 18:29:24 -0400

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> Disagree all you like; that won't move reality by an angstrom.  I'll
> know that you understand human psychology better than I do when you
> demonstrate that you're better at I am at persuading people other
> than hackers.  Go for it.  Take my job, please.

One can always appeal to the basest desires of most people and be more
successful than those that rely on principle to guide their actions.
The real challenge is in getting them to see profit in working with
the community while discouraging parasitism on their part.  I don't
see you doing this.

Although the magnitude is different, what you are doing is analagous
to making deals with a serial killer where you get something in return
for providing him with victims.  I don't see this as a very honorable
way of doing business, even if what you get back ultimately benefits
society as a whole.  The ends do not justify the means.

I agree with Richard: I would rather live in a community of ideals,
even if it were a lot smaller and less functional (in a compatibility-
with-the-outside-world sense).  Encroaching decadence will never be a
trait of _my_ community, no matter how enticing the price/performance
ratio looks.  I neither need nor want to deal with "reality" if it
means I have to engage in this sort of behavior.


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