Subject: Re: request feedback on a new licence profile
From: Ian Lance Taylor <>
Date: 12 Jan 2005 09:22:27 -0500

Darren Duncan <> writes:

> - You may examine the program source code and modify it to better meet 
> your needs; the main exception to this is that you may not circumvent the 
> per-user limits that you purchased, even though doing so would be made 
> easy by access to the source code.

This is not an acceptable restriction in an OSI certified license.

> - You may not distribute the program as a whole to anyone else, either 
> pristine or modified, either binary or source; anyone who wants a copy of 
> the program must obtain it from me; you may not distribute even a portion 
> of my program, in source or otherwise, to anyone.

Neither is this.

> - You are required, within reason, to report any serious bugs or security 
> holes that you detect in the program, with or without fixes, so that 
> everyone can benefit.  Minor bugs or desired enhancements are appreciated 
> to be reported, but are not required; doing so benefits you, however.

This is questionable.

> 1. Do the licensing terms I mentioned sound reasonable as applied to an 
> average person and their situation?  How about to you and yours?  How 
> about to a business that may want to use or extend the program?  Does 
> any of it sound outrageous?

This is a mailing list for discussion about open source licenses, not
for business plans.

I'll note that in general any sufficiently valuable program can and
will be "stolen".  The question to ask is how many actual sales you
lose when somebody copies your program: how many of the people who
copy it would have bought the software at your offering price?