Subject: Re: OVPL & "Otherwise Make Available" (was RE: Change ot topic,back to OVPL)
From: Alex Bligh <>
Date: Fri, 26 Aug 2005 09:05:16 +0100

--On 26 August 2005 09:59 +0200 Chris Zumbrunn <> wrote:

> Adding a definition for "Otherwise Make Available" will make this
> intention more enforceable. But such a definition is tricky. Where do you
> draw the line?

See other mail.

> If I relay my mail through an OVPL licensed SMTP server, does that mean
> the software was "Otherwise Made Available" to me?

Yes, I think so. Ditto "externally deployed" as far as the OSL is concerned
in my opinion. The licensor has let a third party (you) use the software.

This triggers the obligation to provide source under both licenses.