Subject: Re: For Approval: MindTree Public License
From: Rick Moen <>
Date: Sat, 15 Oct 2005 20:03:01 -0700

Quoting Ben Tilly (

> > OK.  Pardon the US-centrism, but, in accordance with 7 USC, section 201
> > (d) (2), 204 (a), any transfer of exclusive rights in a copyrighted work
> > must be in writing and signed by the owner of the rights.
> Cool.  So the license fails #3 of the OSD because their theory on how
> that right will be granted fails for many people, and that right isn't
> granted in any other way. 

Just a brief note to say that I of course meant chapter _17_ of the
United States Code, not chapter 7.  The main section to look at is 
17 USC 204(a):