Subject: Re: BSD-like licenses and the OSI approval process
From: "Zac Bowling" <>
Date: Fri, 12 Oct 2007 15:46:22 -0500

This topic so damn annoying.

How about defining a difference between "OSI Approved" and "OSI Compatible"

Then approving a document that specifies acceptable variations to the
permissive licenses to qualify as "permissive" according to the OSI
that MAY be OSI Compatible.

A permissive license is a license that:
1. Allows but may not explicitly disallow keeping any copyright
notices, disclaimers, and license conditions in both binary and source

2. May or may not contain a disclaimer that the original developer
provides no warranty.

3. May or may not includes conditions of how anyone may or may not use
the trademarks and names of the original developer.

4. May contain other conditions that only pertain to other parts of
distribution outside other then the source code, such as
documentation, images, resource files, and other files included.

5. May explicitly allow but may not explicitly disallow relicensing
the source code under license that complies with all the requirements
of the this license.

6. May contain conditions that grant universal patent rights to any
covered patent the distributor owns to the end user as long as those
terms allow granting the same to any following user.

Zac Bowling

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