Subject: Re: For Approval: The Simplified BSD License
From: "Zak Greant" <>
Date: Thu, 15 Nov 2007 19:15:33 -0800

Hey Larry, Greetings All,

On 11/15/07, Lawrence Rosen <> wrote:
> It would be helpful to remember such comments somewhere. It doesn't affect
> license approval, but it ought to affect license adoption. Why not retain at
> least the intelligent comments about how licenses work (or don't work)?


I'd find such comments most useful in a few contexts:
 * as comments on specific licenses
 * as general list of issues

Any other thoughts here?

I won't be collecting these right comments now, however, when I get to
tickets and, I'll be thinking about this.

I'll need help to undertake this though - there is a lot of
mind-numbing discussion in the last year or so.