Subject: Re: Editorial Board, Take 2 - vs. Trac Maintainers
From: "Zak Greant" <>
Date: Fri, 30 Nov 2007 16:33:37 -0800

HI Ernie, Greetings All,

On 11/30/07, Ernest Prabhakar <> wrote:
> I appreciate your perspective -- and your incredible hard work -- but
> I'm a bit worried that your proposal doesn't really match the
> "culture" of the contributors we have available.
> The Board that I (and I think Larry) have envisioned are people who
> have *expertise*, to ensure that we have high-quality information.
> The Editors that _you_ are proposing are people who have *time*, to
> ensure that a process is being followed.
> Is that a fair distinction?
> If that's the case, then I propose we separate the discussions.  Let's
> assume that the Editorial Board that I am proposing is only
> responsible for the *wiki*, to ensure that the information provide is
> maximally useful.  These are people with extensive open source
> experience, but not necessarily very much time.
> In addition, we have a separate group called Trac Maintainers, whose
> job it is to scan the lists and help manage tickets.  These are people
> who are perhaps not Open Source gurus, but are passionate and willing
> to devote the time to help the community.
> Might that help clarify the discussion?

The distinction works for the discussion at hand. :)

I'm probably happy to have a group doing what Larry proposes - I'd
just like some clarity on what it is. :)

As for the name, I'd prefer to call them something like Obmuds
( - we're doing
things a bit differently, but the name and role still fit well enough.