Subject: Re: Get ready....
Date: 14 Apr 1999 19:42:35 -0000

From: "Rob Edgeworth" <>
> I think it is important to establish right off the bat that any open source
> license is public domain (or better yet GPL'd).

Of course you must prohibit modification of the instance of a license that
is actually used to protect someone's copyright, or it isn't of any use in
protecting the copyright. It's OK for a _prototype_ license to be modified,
though, and then instantiated as a real software license that can not be
further modified. Whether this is allowed or not is up to the license

I doubt this does anything positive for us, though. It sounds as if it would
only encourage the proliferation of more license variations.

Note that the GPL isn't under the GPL. I don't really have a problem with
that, because I think most modifications of the GPL would diminish it.