Subject: Board meeting?
From: David Barrett <>
Date: Mon, 17 Oct 2005 10:43:27 -0700

According to the fine print on the website, a board meeting may or may 
not have taken place four days ago.  Did it?  Was any progress made 
along any front?  Or are the results on a "need to know" basis?


PS: If the board is interested in giving the appearance of receptiveness 
and responsiveness, here's a good area for improvement.  Specifically 
I'd recommend:

- Posting a tentative agenda for each meeting on week before, with an 
honest invitation to request additional topics

- Posting a final agenda on the day of the meeting, possibly inviting 
1-2 community representatives to participate based on the current 
interests of the various community mailing lists

- Posting minutes within 24 hours of the meeting summarizing what 
decisions were made, and what new actions are going to be taken

Right now I feel like I'm begging for scraps of information at the 
board's table.  Is that the relationship you seek to establish?