Subject: Re: BSD-like licenses and the OSI approval process
From: "Alexander Terekhov" <>
Date: Fri, 12 Oct 2007 17:56:55 +0200

On 10/12/07, Chris Travers <> wrote:
> I would just note that while this does not, as you point out, change
> the underlying license (in fact, the collection may not be
> sufficiently creative to be worthy of any copyright in itself!), it

I thought that the suggestion was to use some form of automated
harvesting. AFAIK, net robots don't enjoy the privilege of copyright
ownership. So Rosen's copyright license would apply to nothing (not
even to a compilation). Checking...

"When the collecting of the preexisting material that makes up the
compilation is a purely mechanical task with no element of editorial
selection, or when only a few minor deletions constitute an
abridgment, copyright protection for the compilation or abridgment as
a new version is not available. "


"PJ points out that lawyers seem to have difficulty understanding the
GPL. My main concern with GPLv3 is that - unlike v2 - non-lawyers can't
understand it either."
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