Subject: Re: Backlog assistance?
From: David Johnson <>
Date: Sat, 22 Sep 2001 19:07:57 -0700

On Saturday 22 September 2001 06:44 pm, Alex Stewart wrote:

> Here are OSI certified templates.  If you create a license by sticking
> your name/information/etc into the appropriate fields of this license
> without modifying anything else, it will be automatically certified
> within (whatever the minimum reasonable turnaround is (preferably a week
> or two) and stuck in the list.  If you do your own thing, it could take
> months (or longer) to get it certified.

Instead of certifying licenses that are nothing more than "fill in the 
blanks", just consider them *already* certified. I use the BSD license, and 
filled in the blanks myself. I shouldn't have to seek additional 
certification for replacing [your name here] with "David Johnson".

Certainly with more complicated templates, additional certification would be 
needed. But complicated templates will cause more problems than the solve.

> Excuse me, but I strongly disagree with this, speaking as somebody who's
> just gone through a fair amount of work (which I would happily have
> avoided if possible) to create my own license specifically because none
> of the other OSI licenses come very close to supporting the set of
> features I want (and yes, my license is fully OSD compliant).

I did mention that there were some holes not covered in the domain. But 
what's out there will fit 95% of the need, in my opinion. There will always 
be some people with needs that aren't met, even with 1000 licenses.

David Johnson
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