Subject: Re: pruning "dead" licenses
From: Mitchell Baker <>
Date: Tue, 14 Dec 2004 13:11:34 -0800

Ernest Prabhakar wrote:

> From this perspective, I would vote for categorizing licenses into 
> "Active" vs "Legacy". I would also support an additional annotation  
> of "Reusable" to indicate licenses which people should consider for 
> (b).  For example, the MPL is designed to be reusable whereas the NPL 
> was not (and may well be Legacy).
Yes, I believe the NPL is  a Legacy license at best. The Mozilla project 
doesn't use it. 
The MPL doesn't seem to appear anywhere in the list.  It is used by a 
range of open source projects, so this seems a notable omission.


> This is a list of currently active OSI  Certified licenses. See our 
> <Legacy license page> for a list of licenses the OSI believes are no 
> longer in active use.
> I.  Reusable Licenses
> The following OSI  Certified licenses are designed for you to use with 
> code you write and want to release under an open source license.
> GPL v3
> ....
> II.  Consumable Licenses
> The following OSI  Certified licenses also fully conform to the Open 
> Source Definition, but  were written for use by a particular copyright 
> owner.  In generally, you will not want to release your own code under 
> these licenses unless you have a direct relationship with the author 
> of the license.  However, you can use code released by others under 
> this license with the confidence that they conform to the values of 
> the Open Source Definition.
> Apache Public License 2.0
> Apple Public Source License 2.0
> ...
> [separate page]
> III.  Legacy Licenses
> The following licenses have been superseded, or are otherwise 
> deprecated, though they still have been certified as conforming to the 
> Open Source Definition.   In general, if you find software using a 
> license on this list you should check to see if you can instead 
> license it under an <active open source license> (since most open 
> source licenses allow end-users to relicense software under a newer 
> version of that license).
> GPL v1, v2
> BSD w/advertising clause
> APSL 1.0, 1.1, 1.2
> Netscape Public License