Subject: Solving the licence "conflict" with a modular solution
From: Pablo Barrera Franco <>
Date: Mon, 13 Dec 2004 13:19:19 -0300

Nelson, Eric, Dears:

I is true about old licenses, options, conflicts and differents needs
about licenses.But we are "reinventando la rueda" all the time. More
and more licenses, gives diversity to the "cause", but could be possible
unite all the needs from all opensource licences in only one, just like
the "GNU Jedi Council" has only one, could not be possible for us?...

I mean, if you take the "ten reasons for OSI criteria" and develope
five or six differentes "ends of history" (trying to splain with my
nastu english). For example:

Make a Fusion of basical concepts of all software opensource licencese.
And after this create modules with differente features. A Mozilla Like
end of license, a BSD promiscual final decision,a GPL monolitic concept,
a LGPL similar to, etc (Just like the CMM levels, you just choose the
final license estructure) Even this you can combine and create an engine
to do the work.

I would like to know if it is a good idea, or just bullshit...I would
like to star working on it.


Pablo Barrera Franco | IT & Opensource