Subject: Re: Wondering if my license already exists
From: Rick Moen <>
Date: Thu, 11 Aug 2005 13:37:11 -0700

Quoting Karsten Self (

> There is one precedent I'm familiar with, which is my friend Rick Moen's
> somewhat "reverse attribution" license.  He uses this for certain
> documentation, and effectively his goals are:
>   - If the work is quoted verbatim, he wants full attribution.
>   - If the work is adapted in any way, he wants _no_ attribution.

Credit for the concept actually belongs to Don Marti, who invented the
idea around 1996, and dubbed it "bastard reverse copyleft".  I am merely
a lowly implementer.  ;->

> The objective is that he not be pestered with support issues for
> variants of the works which differ from those he's actually produced
> himself.

Well, also to prevent people putting words in my mouth, inside
derivative works, while simultaneously fully permitting all derivative
works that dissociate themselves from me.  I use the above licence terms
for my personal "rants" pages, which combine gleefully opinionated
personal views with some technical information that people occasionally
want to reuse elsewhere.

Licence terms are:

  Copyright (C) 1995-2005 by Rick Moen. Verbatim copying, distribution,
  and display of this entire article (page) are permitted in any medium,
  provided this notice is preserved. Alternatively, you may create
  derivative works of any sort for any purpose, provided your versions
  contain no attribution to me, and that you assert your own authorship
  (and not mine) in every practical medium.