Subject: Re: OVPL and the OSI Board on Thursday
From: David Barrett <>
Date: Sat, 13 Aug 2005 16:03:26 -0700

So any word on what, if anything, was decided on Thursday?  Ideally I'd 
like to have clue as to which of the following statements is most true:

1) The OVPL will probably never be approved with any changes
2) The OVPL might be approved with significant changes
3) The OVPL would probably be approved with minor changes
4) The OVPL will probably be approved as is
5) The OVPL has been approved and is now OSI-certified.

As you might have guessed, I have a project on which I'm eager to use 
the OVPL, and the OSI board's decisions affect how I proceed.  The 
options that stand before me are:

a) (My preferred option) OVPL becomes OSI-certified, allowing me to 
create a SourceForge project (they generally only support projects with 
OSI-certified licenses) for releasing and hosting my code repository.

b) Alternatively, I could pick a different license and stick with 

c) Alternatively, I could go with the OVPL and create my own repository, 
but this means effectively recreating a custom SourceForge -- not ideal.

Before I can make an informed decision, I need to know which way the OSI 
board is leaning, or at least have some indication as to when I'll learn 
which way they lean.

So... Any hints?  Any timeframe on when we might hear some hints?  Can 
anything be done to accelerate or clarify the remaining process?


David Barrett wrote:
> Has anyone received any hints about if the OSI board will convene this 
> Thursday, and if they'll discusss the approval of OVPL?
> -david