Subject: Licenses In English
From: "Mario J. Lia" <>
Date: Mon, 15 Aug 2005 19:48:02 -0400

I'm a programer. And I love making programs, but usually they are simple ones
just for me. A few months ago, I thought it would be cool to release one to
other people. What license should i use? I had no idea. So I went to to learn more. Unforntunatly, it wasn't clear to me what each
license offered. Each one shared certain qualities, but then what made them

So! I got the idea to create my own website that would clearify what each
license offered, both open-source and closed source. That site is

The site is a Wiki that will allow people (like you!) go there and add info
about each license to clearify what it's about. The site is still in it's
infincy. But you can go there, setup a user name, and start editing. When you
look at each license, you will see each one contains the same basic format,
with a similar summary section. The summary section has questions such as "Can
you release derived works under different terms?" and "Officially OSI
Certified?", etc. This will allow someone to look at differnt licenses and see
which ones have the terms they want for thier program. Eventually I'll have a
overview page, comparing some key features of all the licenses. In addition to
licenses, I've included terms that are related to licenses such as "Dual
License" and "Anti-copyright notice"

This is the first time anywhere I am letting the public know of this site. I
hope you guys can give the site a jump start of info, before I give the site
more exposure.

Thanks in advance!!

WikiSysop of http://SoftwareLicenses.LetsKnowAbout.Info/
(aka Mario)