Subject: RE: Use of an OS License - Contribution
From: "Mike Milinkovich" <>
Date: Thu, 18 Aug 2005 23:04:05 -0400

I can confirm that you do not need permission from us to use the EPL. But as
Andrew pointed out, that's not the same thing as saying you're an Eclipse
project. There are quite a few projects out there using the EPL.

If you wanted to drop us a line and let us know what you're doing as a
courtesy, that would be nice. But don't feel obligated. At least now you
have at one of our email addresses :-)

Mike Milinkovich
Executive Director,
Eclipse Foundation

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> Subject: Use of an OS License - Contribution
> This may be (or not) a basic question.  Let's say I have 
> software that I want to release using an open source license. 
>  And for argument's sake, let's say I select the Eclipse 
> Public License for release.  Can I just slap the EPL onto my 
> program and release, or would I have to get "approval" from 
> the Eclipse Foundation.  Assuming that I don't need approval, 
> what would be the benefit of releasing the program without 
> going through the Eclipse Foundation?