Subject: Re: For Approval: The Kannel Software License, Version 1.0
From: Stipe Tolj <>
Date: Fri, 19 Aug 2005 11:32:16 +0200

Wilson, Andrew wrote:
> May I respectfully suggest that you simply consider using the
> Apache 2.0 license, verbatim?  The 2.0 license has been "template-ized"
> in that specific references to Apache have been dropped, and it instead
> refers generically to "licensor" (i.e. the copyright owner who has
> applied
> the Apache 2.0 license to the code).
> Apache 2.0 also contains several other improvements over 1.1, such as a
> patent grant with defensive termination, and a clarification
> that -- unless explicitly stated otherwise -- bug fixes, enhancements,
> and other derivatives of Apache 2.0 code are also licensed under Apache
> 2.0.

which would imply that we as the development group would not be able to 
add/modify portions of that template-ized license from ASF, right?

That may be a problem IMO.

Generally we already talked internally and even with ASF to integrate Kannel to 
ASF as an own sub-project. This proposal fail due to vetos of Kannel developers. 
I do assume that they would also veto against a "template-ized" lincense 
approach, since they would like to keep the control of the the whole thing.

So as a first approach, I'd consider heading towards the "own" license formula.

Nevertheless, I'll trigger this kind suggestion from your side into the group 
and will see what quotes will bounce.


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