Subject: Re: Bruce Perens rejected from license-proliferation committee.
From: Russell Nelson <>
Date: Mon, 22 Aug 2005 16:19:35 -0400

Ben Tilly writes:
 > > Rather than judging the process, you should judge the result.  Since
 > > there are no results yet, you have nothing to say anything about.
 > The attitude that you would have us accept is half of a common
 > catch-22.

There will be mid-term results, and the final result will be nothing
more than a report of recommendations to the board since the committee
is advisory in nature.  Frankly, there is nothing preventing Bruce
(and anyone else he wishes to gather together) from producing his own
report.  Even though not chartered by the board, I can assure you and
anyone else concerned that such a third-party report would be taken

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