Subject: Re: Bruce Perens rejected from license-proliferation committee.
From: Kevin Bedell <>
Date: Mon, 22 Aug 2005 18:10:07 -0400

Quoting Bruce Perens <>:

> This isn't really what we should be hearing from an OSI director in his
> official capacity.

While I don't always agree with Bruce on all points, I have to be honest and say
I agree here.

And pointing off to the rant earlier didn't add constructively either, IMO. The
relevance of that diatribe on this conversation is lost on me.

You seem to me to be reinforcing an image here of a leader who is operating in
an isolated way and judging results based on his own opinion of his own
thinking and decisions.

If the writings of Bastiat weigh stronger on the decision making process of the
OSI then those of Perens, then maybe it's better that we don't get to watch...


Kevin Bedell
Editor in Chief, Linux Journal