Subject: Re: Bruce Perens rejected from license-proliferation committee.
From: Pablo Barrera Franco <>
Date: Mon, 22 Aug 2005 19:35:13 -0300

Stop fighting please!
This discussion dont take us to any place. We must find the way to solve 
this problem.
The positions has been explained, and Its seems we need to reconsider 
the core problem
around it. Reject Bruce is NOT a good decisition from the Board, and It 
become an "ego war".

OSI is an usefull tool for promote the development model, but it seems 
not so effective to unite
concepts at this point. Im sure that we will find a middle stage between 
meritochracy and democracy.

As I read, Its no a concern about get angry and find another OSS 
organization that fit to our ideas. Could
be better find the solution solve the problem.This kind of problems 
generate disgregation just like the Free Software Comm.

 From an "outsider"(seems to be that cuz I live in the "Third World" 
nobody answers me >:-(, , this discussion
is a shame.

I dont have the capability to understand completely this "ego war", but 
it generates a bad concept whom want to
spread the Open Source Movement in other countries. If the HEAD of OSI 
get this kind of this discussion, nobody
in any place on earth would like to work wiht this dynamics.

I feel very very embarrased. As we say in LA " Estamos hasta las muelas 
de verguenza".

Best regards
Pablo Barrera Franco
Iniciativa Open Source LA (Nodo Argentina)