Subject: Re: Bruce Perens rejected from license-proliferation committee. [Scanned by ClamAV]
From: Jan Dockx <>
Date: Tue, 23 Aug 2005 20:59:16 +0200
Tue, 23 Aug 2005 20:59:16 +0200

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   On 22 Aug 2005, at 17:06, Russell Nelson wrote:

         The OSI is not the law.

      No, but in a sense we are.

         Several years ago I agitated strongly about the lack of any
         of democracy or transparency in the OSI.

      You still didn't read it, did you?  How we do things is immaterial.
      What we do is the only thing that matters.  When you eat in a
      restaurant, you don't get to vote for the cook.  You voted when you
      walked into the restaurant.  People selected OSI because we matter.

         Personally I think the OSI should drop any claims about
         the community,

      We represent everyone who uses the term "Open Source", which is,
      just about everybody.  They walked into our restaurant.

And then you lost me. You lost me seriously.

Hey, I'm talking to a whole lot of people all day, and I'm using the term
"Open Source" a lot, but I never walked into any restaurant. Sue me.

My reaction has nothing to do with mr. Perens, but is purely based on the
answers you are giving here. With that process and that attitude, you are
NOT representing me, and I do claim to be an Open Source-er, and will
continue the use the term. You, nor the OSI, have any claim on the term.

The OSS universe is a meritocracy. OSI earned it's place, and will be used
as a reference for as long as is MERITED. And in OSS, there is almost no
conservatism, so only your current MERITS count. OSI changes? We'll use
another reference.

This discussion is getting way beyond the particular issue Mr. Perens has
(had?). The answers I am seeing here make ik pretty clear to us that you
are NOT representing us. It turns out the OSI is  a megalomanic club of
self-appointed rulers of the universe.

I state hereby officially that the OSI does not represent me in any way,
and I will not refer to the OSI anymore as having any legitimacy.

BTW: Mr. Perens MERIT has just gone up for exposing the issue.

Met vriendelijke groeten,

Jan Dockx

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