Subject: Re: Change ot topic, back to OVPL
From: Alex Bligh <>
Date: Wed, 24 Aug 2005 20:16:44 +0100

--On 24 August 2005 09:37 -0700 David Barrett <> wrote:

> 1) The definitions section's alphabetical order be broken (new
> definitions added to the end) in order to preserve maximum similarity
> with the CDDL, with the intent to maximize understandability.

It would not only break alphabetical ordering, it would not actually reduce
the number of change-bars much - that's because there are a considerable
number of changes in the definitions too.

The easiest way to reduce change-bars to a minimum is to produce a
change-tracked version without numbering changes in.  There is already a
description of all the changes (except numbering ones) on the site.

This is trivial to do.

I would have put that one up except no-one ever asked for it, and so far we
only have Russell Nelson has asked for it. I would send Russ one privately
but then he's not reading email anyway. I am suspecting Russ is one of a
kind here. If anyone else at all wants this, please shout on-list, I will
produce it, HTMLize it, PDF it, and put it up on the site (along with the
diff with line numbers). If you think renumbering should be a criterion for
OSI approval of the OVPL, please shout too. Otherwise I think it's fair to
assume that numbering is not a hot topic for OSI approval for community
members other than Russ.