Subject: Re: Change ot topic, back to OVPL
From: David Barrett <>
Date: Tue, 30 Aug 2005 13:47:44 -0700

Russell Nelson wrote:
> It is part of OSI's mission to help people be successful in their open
> source endeavours.  That means .... helping people to choose a license
> appropriate for their needs.  Sometimes it means helping them craft
> the best possible license.  If I am guilty of being extra-grumpy in
> Alex's direction, it is only because I want him to have the best
> license --as I see it--.

That seems like a fair goal.  So given all this:

Alex -- Can you summarize, in light of all this latest discussion, what 
further changes to the OVPL (if any) you intend to do before you'd like 
it submitted by Russell to the board for approval?  Also, could you 
summarize what changes have been recommended to you, and why you are not 
adopting them?

Russell -- Am I correct in understanding that you will present it to the 
board in any form Alex requests (including its current form)?  Granted, 
you might recommend against its approval (which is you responsibility 
and perogative, based on your own personal judgment), but you'll submit 
it nonetheless, correct?