Subject: Re: License Proliferation Committee Response
From: David Barrett <>
Date: Mon, 05 Sep 2005 19:31:08 -0700

Thanks for the clarifications, Laura.

So it seems to me that the dependency between license approval and 
license proliferation hasn't yet been decided.  On one extreme, licenses 
should be approved irrespective of proliferation concerns.  At the other 
extreme, few to no more licenses should ever be approved.  And there are 
many, many positions in between.  But no matter what the position 
eventually decided, it will likely change the approval process in some way.

My question is:

1) Should outstanding license approval applications be "grandfathered 
in" and considered only on the basis of the process under which they 
were originally submitted?

2) Alternatively, should those applications be considered under an 
undefined process?

3) Alternatively, should all applications be delayed indefinitely until 
a new process has been defined?

Has anyone any preference?