Subject: Status of ACE License Submission
From: Ken Sedgwick <>
Date: Thu, 15 Sep 2005 06:15:29 -0700

Russell Nelson wrote:
> I'm the chair of the license approval committee.  This is my report of
> the board's actions for the current set of licenses under discussion.
> Note: BCC'ed to the license submittors.

[others omitted]

> The ACE License is a hard case because it's duplicative, not very
> readable and not reusable.  It doesn't recognize that some authors may
> have rights they cannot waive.  On the other hand, they submitted the
> license before we adopted the three new criteria.
> Title: ACE License
> ReSubmission:
> Submission:
> License: in the submission
> Comments: Rod Dixon's earlier suggestions were incorporated into the
>     resubmission.
> Recommend: approval
> Status: deferred by the OSI board 9/12 to ask "Can they relicense?"


I'm a little confused by the "Recommend: approval" and
"Status: deferred ..." state of the ACE License submission.

The relicensing question (and other issues) were raised to the ACE folks
in May, and the amended ACE License was the result.  I'm unclear at this
time whether the result has met the requirements or not.

What course of action do you recommend?

Many thanks in advance!


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