Subject: Re: selling GPL sources
From: "Guilherme C. Hazan" <>
Date: Mon, 19 Sep 2005 20:52:13 -0300


>>> I'm aware of a program that uses the GPL license and the author made
>>> the binaries free but not the sources. He asks a fee for the sources
>>> (about 100usd).
>>> Is this legal or is he infringing the GPL license?
>> The GPL permits "a charge no more than your cost of physically
>> performing source distribution."  If his cost is 100USD or greater,
>> than he is not infringing.  If his cost is less than 100USD, then he
>> is infringing.
> The original poster said this person was the "author" of the program. If
> he in fact owns all copyright, then he can do whatever weird distribution
> scheme he wants, yes? Other people, if they happen to somehow receive a
> copy licensed under the GPL, would then need to follow the GPL if they
> wanted to distribute it (or derivative works) further.

This makes sense. But suppose the author just want to use GPL, not a 
weird license. Or lets suppose that someone else but the author gets the 
GPLd software and asks for a fee of the sources. Without any other 
assumptions (such as this doesnt make sense bc others can give the 
source for free), will this be illegal?