Subject: RE: Governance and responsibility
From: "James McGovern" <>
Date: Mon, 26 Sep 2005 06:03:46 -0400

200 CEO types doesn't really matter unless those "types" also happen to be
Fortune 500 or its international equivalent. The only way it is going to
move higher up the foodchain is by starting at large corporations. Would
love to see Eric present here: Stallman already has.

If the OSI allows bad / incomplete information to perpetuate in the industry
analyst community, why should we trust them? Can someone from the OSI take
analyst briefings seriously and make this their action item

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James McGovern <>:
>      I would love to see Eric brief the Gartner Group and get them to
> tell a more accurate story to folks in corporate America...

Not the Gartner Group, but I will be briefing about 200 CEO types this
coming Thursday.
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