Subject: Re: Licensing question
From: David Ryan <>
Date: Thu, 10 Nov 2005 14:38:10 +1100

>thanks all, mind if i ask another question/s?
>is this scenario accurate?
>1) I develop "Code A" (under LGPL)
>2) Company X downloads my "Code A", edits it, then releases "Code B"
>(under LGPL)
>3) I download their "Code B", edit it or merge it etc with "Code A",
>then releases "Code C" (under LGPL)
>4) "Code C" is still LGPL'd, so repeat this til you're bored
This is correct.

>This seems perfect to me for my current needs. I can get help from
>others, and I can help others, yet still retain control over SOME of
>my code.
The only thing you might want to think about is if you will have any 
reason in the future to want to release your "Code A" under a license 
different to that of LGPL.  You can do this with "Code A" as you 
developed that version and have freedom to choose your license.  However 
after you merge "Code B" and create "Code C" you are no longer
able to choose a new license for "Code C".

Having said the above,  the LGPL is liberal in allowing the software to 
be used in any software.  You may never have a need to relicense the 
code.  Many projects will request that copyright for "Code C" be 
assigned back to the initial developer so they have more freedom to 
relicense as needed.

Hope that helps,


David Ryan. aka Oobles.