Subject: Opt-Out OVPL?
From: David Barrett <>
Date: Sun, 13 Nov 2005 17:29:07 -0800

Russell Nelson wrote:
> The OVPL blesses *one* party as the recipient of a license to all
> contributions.  Under other licenses, any party may ask contributors
> to execute a copyright assignment.  In this regard you are mistaking
> the reason why the OVPL has not been approved.

If this is the reason the OVPL's current wording is being rejected, 
might the OSI approve it if resubmitted with text that allows the 
contributor to "opt out" of the grant-back?

Specifically, I'm proposing the contributor be given the option of 
releasing code under either:

- the existing license (with grant-back in place), or

- a modified license that is identical in all respects except that the 
initial developer is given no special treatment (in effect, the CDDL + 
drafting improvements).

This would result in a license that makes it incredibly easy to give a 
grant back to the initial developer, but does not require it.  So far as 
I understand it, this would resolve the concern you've conveyed from the 
board.  Granted, it might not satisfy the OVPL's original sponsors, but 
I'd be willing to re-submit a new license if there was any indication it 
might be approved.

So I ask you: Were the OVPL re-submitted with this change, do you 
believe the board would reconsider its decision?