Subject: Re: Opt-Out OVPL?
From: David Barrett <>
Date: Sun, 13 Nov 2005 23:04:51 -0800

Wilson, Andrew wrote:
>>From a compliance point of view, opt-in might be better than
> opt-out; e.g., have a contributor agree to opt-in to giving
> a license back to the ID by signing and returning a copy of the license.
> This gives the ID an audit trail (important, I would think, 
> for an ID who is incorporating contributor code into
> a proprietary product).

Yes, there's a range:

a) Mandatory grant back
b) Opt-out grant back
c) Opt-in grant back
d) No grant back

We know the OSI approves (d), and we know it rejects (a).  (c) is 
slightly interesting, but (b) is more interesting to me.

Basically, I believe most contributors want to do the grant back because 
it's in the interests of the project and the community.  Therefore I 
want to create minimal inconvenience for them by making the grant back 
require no extra work whatsoever.