Subject: Re: Assistance/advice in choosing a license for POV-Ray 4.0
From: Chris Cason <>
Date: Mon, 14 Nov 2005 23:19:10 +1100

Ian Jackson wrote:
> ... you don't say why you've rejected it.  Even if you were right to
> reject it, explaining why would help clarify the situation and
> probably improve the quality of the advice you'll receive.

Actually I did address this (at least partially), though not in my
original message (which was already too long). Quoting from a later message:

> One of the issues we have with the GPL and LGPL is that it doesn't really
> attack the patent misuse issue in the way that e.g. the CDDL does. I have
> strong feelings about how trivial patents are being used to wreck the
> industry for small developers and frankly I'm more in line with the MPL's
> 8.2(b) rather than the CDDL when it comes to this subject (though apart
> from that I prefer the CDDL over the MPL).

That alone is sufficient to disqualify the GPL from contention as far as
we are concerned.

-- Chris