Subject: OPEN Source
From: "Todd Premeaux" <>
Date: Sat, 26 Nov 2005 18:26:01 -0600
Sat, 26 Nov 2005 18:26:01 -0600
I am no lawyer but I do a little programming, and many times some of the
application code used within my applications, come from open sources found
available on the internet! My fundamental understanding of open source is
the author of the source object I use, gets his credit as the author within
his object code and in the EULA or Readme file! 

If I use his objects' within an application I developed and distribute for a
profit, then a portion of the profit should be sent to him for his time due
to his contributions. And most EULA agreements ask that donations be sent if
his or her objects are used.


To me this is the whole meaning behind open source! Everyone deserves credit
for their work and may want compensation for the time they contributed in
allowing you to use his or her objects. There are many of us that like to
just get credit for work done, and do not always view profit as the driving
force behind writing something that everyone can benefit from as long as the
proper credit is given!


Yes some do write for profit, and justly so because of the time it does take
to write, maintain and support their work, and if they stand behind their


All of us now that many have written conceptual code in their past, that has
been stolen and or reverse engineered and is still used today, by many whom
don't give credit to the original author. But this should not be discussed


My opinion is OSI should always strive to make it understood, in as layman
terms as possible what true open source code is, and try their best to
assure proper credit is given to the programmers', just as any author that
writes books or articles have to declare proper credit to referenced
material, and if not be dealt with a plagiarists'.