Subject: FW: OPEN Source
From: "Todd Premeaux" <>
Date: Mon, 28 Nov 2005 21:22:53 -0600
Mon, 28 Nov 2005 21:22:53 -0600
As requested of Matthew I am forwarding this discussion.


Todd Premeaux


From: Matthew Seth Flaschen [] 
Sent: Monday, November 28, 2005 7:07 PM
To: Todd Premeaux
Subject: RE: OPEN Source


That may have been the origin of the phrase "open source", but the open
source movement is an offshoot of the older "free software" movement, which
was essentially started by Richard Stallman, now of the Free Software


-Matthew Flaschen


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Unless I am way of base, wasn't the term 'open source' used by a group of
people who gathered in the early days of Apple, to show what they have
learned and could do?


I think when Bill Gates became upset about someone using his ideas and him
using theirs, that the problem I termed as a behemoth showed its ugly head
as EULA's. How many people do you think actually read all the terms declared
in them? My guess would be very few due to all the legalities and terms used
that sometimes make sense only to an attorney.

Todd Premeaux

From: Matthew Seth Flaschen [] 
Sent: Sunday, November 27, 2005 4:37 PM
To: Todd Premeaux; 'Chuck Swiger'
Subject: RE: OPEN Source


> Clearly when you modify the original work, shouldn't we 
> still give the original author recognition for the original contribution? 

You should always attribute your source to avoid plagiarism.  However, most
open source licenses ask more than that.  Again, you have to follow the
terms of the license.

> My concern is that the basic trust for Open Source coding and its reuse 
> rights could become a behemoth and defeat what most participants feel was 
> originally meant as a method for sharing and learning new code methods!


What do you mean by "basic trust for Open Source coding and its reuse rights
could become a behemoth"?  I certainly don't feel reuse rights will defeat
the right to study source; that doesn't make any sense.


-Matthew Flaschen