Subject: Copyright Notice Question under OSI Licenses
From: "Jules" <>
Date: Tue, 29 Nov 2005 14:15:46 +800

Hi Everyone,

I am wondering if the following copyright notice in the format shown 
below is acceptable for purposes of the Educational Community 
License?  Deriviative works are allowed, just not allowed to be named 
as xxxx Methodology version 2 and so on to avoid confusion with the 
name of the original work (i.e. "find your own name").

Thanks for any inputs!

Copyright Notice:

xxxxnamexxxxx Methodology Copyright (c)2005 xxxnamexxx
Email:	xxxxx
Web: 	xxxxx
Company Name:  xxxxx
Original Version / First Published:  xxxxxxxx (v1.0)
All redistributions of the xxxxxxxx Methodology (xxxxxxx) by any 
party, in whole or part and with or without modification, must always 
prominently display all text on this page, including this paragraph, 
in verbatim, unaltered and human-verifiable form in the body of the 
redistributed work.  The methodology, terminology and contents of the 
xxxxxxx and all versions thereof are copyrighted, owned & maintained 
by xxxxxxxxxx.  You may not pass off any modification of the xxxxxx 
or any derivative work AS A VERSION of the xxxxxx.  All derivative 
works utilizing the xxxxxxx as its base or reference must make 
reference to the xxxxxx as the Original Work from which they are 
derived and prominenty display all text on this page in verbatim, 
unaltered and human-verifiable form in the body of the derivative 

Licensed under the Educational Community License version 1.0

This Original Work, including software, source code, documents, or 
other related items, is being provided by the copyright 
holder(s)....blah blah blah....