Subject: Re: Let me reply to finalize discussion
From: Rick Moen <>
Date: Tue, 20 Dec 2005 11:15:00 -0800

Quoting Nikolai (

> - I did not use a term "open source" in my license, you can check 
> .

I can't help noticing that you've just changed the subject.  Are you the
same Nikolai <> who complained of OSI being a "monopolist"
because it's custodian of the OSD, or are you perhaps some different
Nikolai <> ?

[More parting rhetoric having nothing to do with OSD-compliance,
snipped.  "Oppose free exchange of content", tra-la.]

Oh well.  Good luck to you.

> - I did not ask an approval of my licence.

Then, you're on the wrong mailing list.  Bye!