Subject: Re: Re: Question Regarding GPL
From: Rick Moen <>
Date: Fri, 20 Jan 2006 21:21:54 -0800

Quoting Ben Tilly (

> On the surface that's that looks like a pretty big jump.  Though when
> you squint at it sideways, he's at least somewhat consistent.
> But while I see the inconsistency, I'd have to disagree with your
> characterization that Linus' opinions changed drastically.  

Um... in 1995, he said the kernel module interface is treated as LGPL,
and thus proprietary modules that use that interface are fine.
In 2002, he said there's _nothing_ licensing-privileged about the kernel
or any other kernel programming interface, except (per the COPYING
file's specific provision) function calls.

That's an about-face.

But I hope you're not missing the main point, which is that all this is
an irrelevant sideshow from the main question, which is:  derivative or
not?  That is disposative.

Sorry if it's an unfamiliar concept.  Oh well.